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The Pioneer Venue Solutions team have spent our entire working careers in Venues – either running them, or running events in them. We have developed venue concepts from the very initial ideation through to securing the relevant safety certification and opening them and we have delivered a multitude of projects to enhance the Venue Operation.

Below is a snapshot of the areas we can offer specialist advice in. Whether you need an Operational Audit undertaking, or a procurement project managing, we offer a wide range of services to help you meet your objectives.

Key Areas

  1. Venue Consultancy
  2. Security
  3. Stadium Technology
  4. Ticketing
  5. Facility Utilisation
  6. Facility Management
  7. Fan Experience
  8. Catering

1. Venue Consultancy

  • Venue Expansion / Masterplanning
  • Retained Operations Director
  • Procurement Scoping
  • Scoping Exercises
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Cost reduction Strategies

2. Security

  • Matchday Security
  • 24/7 Security
  • Team Security
  • HVM Measures
  • PSIA Score Review

3. Stadium Technology

  • LED Perimeter Boards
  • Jumbo Screens
  • Mid-Tier Ribbons
  • Concourse Screen
  • Digital Wayfinding
  • Stadium Lighting Projects
  • Stadium WIFI

4. Ticketing

  • Ticketing Platform
  • Ticketing Strategy Review
  • Access Control

5. Facility Utilisation

  • Concerts
  • Non-Football Stadium Hire Events
  • Conference & Events
  • Film & Television
  • Other Facility Usage
  • Space Optimisation

6. Facility Management

  • Cleaning & Waste
  • Electrical
  • Maintenance
  • Floodlights
  • Pitch
  • Logistics

7. Fan Experience

  • Fanzones
  • Customer Service Staffing
  • Matchday Activations
  • Sponsor Activations
  • Atmosphere Initiatives

8. Catering

  • Concourse Catering
  • Concourse Management
  • External Footprint Catering
  • Hospitality Catering
  • Non-Matchday Catering
  • Holistic Catering services review

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As a brand new company we are still building our portfolio of clients, projects and case studies. Prior to PVS being formed our team of Industry experts have worked on a wide variety of projects around the world and it is our work on these projects, amongst many others, that have helped to build our skillsets and knowledge base and are what allow us to deliver the services we do today as Pioneer Venue Solutions.

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