Tour de France 2014

In the Summer of 2014, the UK staged the first 3 stages of le Tour de France. The event was witnessed live by over 3million people on the roadside and with millions more watching around the world.

Whilst employed by TdFHUB2014 (A UK Sport company), Pioneer Venue Solutions MD, Dan Schofield, held the role as Head of Event Delivery for the 2014 Tour de France Grand Depart,

As Head of Event Delivery Dan had specific responsibility for contract managing the work of the Event Management contractor (WRG) as well as the Venue Management of the Stage finishes in Harrogate & Sheffield.

Responsibilities included;

  • Finish Venue Management
  • ASO (Race owner) Liaison
  • Local Authority Liaison

Contract Management of the following Event Deliverables

  • Stewarding
  • Medical
  • Traffic Management
  • Signage & Branding
  • Barriers
  • Toilets
  • Radio Communications



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