When founder of Social Enterprise, Foodinate, Caroline Stevenson, approached Pioneer Venue Solutions, she had a clear objective of taking Foodinate in to the worlds of Events and Venues and saw PVS as the ideal partner to work with to make that happen.

Foodinate is a social-enterprise that provides nourishing meals for those most in need through it’s innovative Meal for a Meal concept. In it’s simplest form a restaurant may nominate a number of items on the menu to “Foodinate”.

If a customer purchases that item the restaurant donate some of the profits of the transaction which goes to directly pay for a meal for somebody in need – a meal for a meal. Having already provided over 100,000 meals through her partnerships with Restaurants, Caroline saw the opportunity to expand and invited PVS MD Dan Schofield to become a Non-Executive Director of Foodinate to help fulfil that objective.

PVS initially worked with Caroline to devise an Event and Venue Strategy for Foodinate which incorporates a targeted approach, segmented in to different areas of the industries and we now work closely together to ensure we can realise the strategy and fulfil the objective of convincing Event & Venue Owners to Foodinate the Event, or items on the menu, and to generate hundreds of thousands more nourishing meals for those in need.

Responsibilities included;

  • Venue & Event Strategy Development
  • Non-Executive Directorship
  • Venue & Event Business Development



As a brand new company we are still building our portfolio of clients, projects and case studies. Prior to PVS being formed our team of Industry experts have worked on a wide variety of projects around the world and it is our work on these projects, amongst many others, that have helped to build our skillsets and knowledge base and are what allow us to deliver the services we do today as Pioneer Venue Solutions.