Concert Management

Since the Summer of 2014, the Pioneer Venue Solutions management team (Whilst in salaried employment with the Venue) have delivered the Venue Lead role for 20 x Stadium Concerts, by 11 x different Major Touring Artists, in 2 x 50,000+ Capacity Stadiums.

Over the past 5 years, Dan Schofield and Amberlie Ross-Scott have developed and refined our approach to facilitating the staging of concerts, on the Venues behalf, which ensures the needs of both the Venue & the Promoter are being met and which streamlines the operation.

We developed a structured approach which included;

  • A Formalised meeting structure (Operational, Tactical, Strategic)
  • Zoned Planning Approach (Stadium, Last Mile, Beyond the Last Mile) – An approach now adopted by the SGSA as Zone-Ex.
  • Template Documentation (Master Checklist / Ops Manual / Document Schedule)
  • Centralised Document Control

Having developed this approach at Manchester City FC we successfully rolled this out at Manchester United FC in the Summer of 2018.

Artists Include:

  • The Stone Roses x 4
  • Ed Sheeran x 4
  • Coldplay x 2
  • Robbie Williams x 2
  • Taylor Swift x 2
  • Rolling Stones x 1
  • Beyonce & Jay-Z x 1
  • Foo Fighters x 1
  • ACDC x 1
  • Bruce Springsteen x 1
  • Billy Joel x 1
  • Take That x 1



As a brand new company we are still building our portfolio of clients, projects and case studies. Prior to PVS being formed our team of Industry experts have worked on a wide variety of projects around the world and it is our work on these projects, amongst many others, that have helped to build our skillsets and knowledge base and are what allow us to deliver the services we do today as Pioneer Venue Solutions.